Developed over 4 years focussed at post-RDR world

AURA have invested time and resources to understand our clients.

We’ve taken our time to fully understand each specialist service to include how their advice was delivered, the common denominators within each service and how best to collaborate, thereby creating joined-up thinking that will benefit your firm.

Various Fee & Implementation Options

Bespoke Service Proposition – which is tailored to your specific needs and priced per individual activity.

Operational Best Practice (OBP) – We’ve recognised certain trends in service for firms just beginning the transformation process and for this reason, we’ve designed a year’s set service where each specialist knows its role at particular times in the service life cycle.

Transformation costs can be offset for tax purposes.

Flexible Charging Structure

AURA’s mission is to support your success and therefore, we’re highly flexible and can tailor the fee structure and introduce complimentary payment plans to support your growing business.

Formula Means Savings

This formulaic approach means all partners are able to manage their time efficiently, which has meant the cost of service can be reduced. The Operational Best Practice (OBP) service is priced according to funds under advice (FUA).

Reduced Costs

Historically, business transformation services have been delivered by consultants visiting your office to data gather, going through your files and charging you thousands of pounds for the pleasure even before they get to the actual advice. We didn’t like that model at all!

We felt that it wasn’t suitable for your stereotypical IFA practice which tends to be a small to medium sized enterprise.

But this specialist sector in our opinion, needs support more than most at a price that’s right in this new regulatory environment.

We’ve reduced cost through automation by establishing common data requirements from all specialist partners.

Then, instead of charging man days for assessing the current position of your firm, we embraced technology, put it online and let you complete the first stage. This means that our consultants can provide feedback through a report and the cost of data gathering can be reduced significantly, whilst also still managing to provide valuable insight into your current business model.

Structured to facilitate the right skills at the right time

What makes AURA different is that we’ve introduced a project management team. Why have we done this? Project managers reduce cost by saving valuable specialist time.

They work with our clients to prioritise transformation requirements and liaise with an AURA specialist or indeed, one of your existing specialist advisers that your company already works with.

The objective of the project manager is to ensure that all specialist advisers align their advice to the agreed strategic direction of your firm and that implementation is activated at the appropriate time for business development.

Professional Indemnity

We’ve discussed our service proposition and processes with PI insurance companies. They’re confident that PI insurance rates can be slashed by as much as 15% – 25% for firms who have gone through the AURA process.

Advantages of using AURA Consulting

Aura Consulting Partners are a consortium of project managers and consultants who work collaboratively to deliver advisory business solutions and implementation support services.

The areas that we cover are almost all encompassing; the right service, at the right time and the right price.

Business transformation is about making fundamental changes in how business is conducted in order to help cope with a shift in market environment. Time for change?
AURA’s specialist strategic marketing partner offers superior services to help you maximise opportunities through traditional and online marketing channels.
AURA’s specialist strategic partner are innovators within the IT industry, focusing on customer service, business and technological solutions. We can help you in all areas.
AURA are strong advocates of utilising technological advancements to improve efficiency and profitability. Let us help you integrate technology effectively.
AURA’s unique Online Business Health Check helps IFAs/FAs take affordable pro-active steps towards business analysis, providing the firm and the regulator with confidence.
AURA’s specialist T&C strategic partner provides development and training solutions tailored to meet your ever changing business and individual needs as an IFA/FA.
AURA help IFAs/FAs create an operational hub to manage your business and harness the benefits of client management and software systems to revolutionise how you operate.
PI insurers view the services provided by our business transformation specialists as a sound business model and predict favourable price reductions.
AURA is able to introduce buyers and sellers and also offer services required to support transactions. We help you cast your net wider to attract the most appropriate match.
A non-executive director can fill a gap in a small business owner’s experience and provide support when crucial decision making is required. Find out why a non-executive could be vital to your business.
Finding it hard to attract the right recruits? Are recruitment firms not sending you suitable candidates? We can help you with your recruitment needs.
AURA’s specialist strategic partner’s financial services team is experienced in providing creative, pragmatic solutions to all your legal requirements as an IFA/FA business.

Advantages of Outsourcing

  • No employee issues including benefits and salaries
  • Switch services on & off at pivotal times in business transformation
  • Offset fees for tax purposes
  • Privacy

Unique Telling Point

Any improvements to your business should be promoted as a UTP and should be reclaimable through the firm’s fee structure. AURA’s marketing team can ensure that this message is clearly communicated to the outside world.

In summary, there’s no reason why business transformation can’t pay for itself and more! Our strategic marketing team will help you tell your unique transformation story to gain a competitive advantage over your competition.