How Can AURA Consulting Help Your IFA/FA Business?

AURA Consulting Partners are a consortium of project managers and consultants who work collaboratively to deliver affordable IFA/FA business transformation and implementation support services.

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Where Is Your Business Now?

Wouldn't it be useful to demonstrate that your company is taking pro-active steps to understanding your business?

Online Business Health Check

  • Culture, governance & control
  • Completion Online With Remote Access
  • Low Cost & Time Efficient
  • Current State Assessment
  • Valuable Insights

Why Should You Transform?

Why should an IFA/FA business consider transforming? What are the benefits?

Why Should You Transform?

  • Increase revenue
  • Improved work/life balance
  • Reducing cost
  • Ensuring future income streams
  • Competitor advantage

Services and Costs

Developed over 4 years focussed at post-RDR world. We’ve invested time and resources to understand our clients.

Services and Costs

  • Increase revenue
  • Reduced costs
  • Right skills at the right time
  • Flexible charging structure
  • Unique Telling Point (UTP)

What The Regulator Wants

The FCA is looking into IFA/FAs on a case per case basis. What are they seeking to learn?

What The Regulator Wants

  • Culture, governance & control
  • Business model & strategy
  • Leadership
  • Decision making protocols
  • Performance management

The Advantages Of Outsourcing

Learn about the huge advantages that can be gained from outsourcing specialist transformation consultancy services.

The Advantages Of Outsourcing

  • No employee issues including benefits and salaries
  • Switch services on & off at pivotal times in business transformation
  • Offset fees for tax purposes
  • Privacy

Learn About The AURA Model

Developed over 4 years focussed at post-RDR world. We’ve invested time and resources to understand our clients.

Learn About The AURA Model

  • Increase revenue
  • Reduced costs
  • Right skills at the right time
  • Flexible charging structure
  • Unique Telling Point (UTP)

Learn About AURA | Case Studies

Recent Case Studies:

  • Thinking Of Exiting?
  • Demotivated?
  • Lost Passion?
  • Fresh Eyes Needed?
  • Understand Our Value Clearly

Director Lost Passion

Planning To Exit

AURA Consulting

We Help IFA/FAs Manage Change and Transform

In a nutshell, we help you transform into more profitable, focussed and regulator prepared businesses.

Financial advisory practices have faced substantial challenges over the years. But the need among UK consumers for expert, impartial financial advice is greater than ever, thereby creating opportunities for well-managed businesses.

We understand that each business is a unique entity with unique needs, requirements and desires. Like human beings, companies start small and grow into complex structures that have to deal with an ever growing range of issues and potential benefits.

Our mission is clear. We want to provide the right solutions to common problems for IFA/FAs who recognise that managed change is critical to the success of their company.
Our method is to listen and learn about your current business and its position, goals, desires and issues. We then formulate a bespoke plan to bring about the change that is needed utilising affordable managed processes, with clear measurable results.
We have spent 4 years developing our strategy that is wholly unique in the IFA/FA marketplace. Our strategic partners are at the top of their game and focussed on providing solutions to your needs.

Learn About AURA | Change rEvolution

Read Around The Site And Learn:

  • Why choose AURA?
  • Meet the team
  • Benefits of change
  • Why outsourcing is more effective
  • Understand our value to you
  • Ways to get started

A Typical IFA/FA Client

Of course all clients are different. However here’s an illustration of how we may assess a client after they have completed the Business Health Check which will help us formulate a structured plan for effective transformation!

Recruitment/HR 35%
Marketing/Advertising 45%
Technology 30%
Revenue Models 50%
Work/Life Balance 45%
Legal/Mergers/Acquisitions 55%

See What AURA Clients Are Saying!

AURA Consulting value our clients and thankfully our clients value us too as you can see.

We were having major difficulties with technology, marketing and HR/recruitment. AURA helped us see where our priorities were, our quick wins and what a longer term strategy looked like. We now work with them on all aspects of the business and this allows us to be more focused on our own work while the business grows in a structured way.
Our firm went through rapid change and grew into a business that started to cause the directors headaches. While we have always been profitable and business was not a huge issue, we needed help with managing our staff, our sales funnel and legal areas such as mergers and acquisitions. AURA have been instrumental in bringing about quite large change in our company that has meant we are far more profitable and structured.
I think admitting we needed help was the start of the process that has meant that we all feel more strongly about our company objectives and goals. AURA and their partners have helped us see clear opportunities we had missed and allowed us to take a deep breath and let experts manage the transformation that we needed to go through.
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